The Glee Bubble

This whole crazy thing started back in 2016. My family was looking for something to watch on Netflix and decided on Glee, mostly because the Kid enjoyed the Land of Stories books so we were able to talk her into it. (“Hey! That author you like used to be an actor on this show. Let’s check it out!”)

I fell in love with the show, and one thing led to a podcast.

But it was also 2016. The election coverage was raging, the country was bitterly divided, and I couldn’t deal with it. I mean, I participated, I voted (for sure–I always vote!) but I couldn’t listen to the podcasts or read the news websites I usually followed. It was all stressing me out. Instead, I found myself watching Glee over and over and over again.

Eventually, I found a happy medium–I got used to the country being a trash fire, got involved with a few organizations, made some friends on Twitter who shared my obsessions, and returned to a normal amount of television consumption, balanced out with creative activities and a normal amount of news consumption.

But with the midterm elections heating up, I’m feeling overwhelmed again, and I need to go back into my Glee bubble. Not completely–I volunteer every day for the ACLU and I will definitely vote (I always vote!)–but I need a break from news sites and podcasts.

If you’d like to join me in the bubble, you’re more than welcome! I thought it would be fun to chat with friends while I watch, so I started a discussion over on You can find it (you have to sign up for elsiedate first) by looking in the Musical Theatre section and clicking on “Musical Theatre–discussion”


Then click on “The Glee Bubble” (see above) and you can join in the discussion from there. I’m planning to watch about two episodes per evening, at roughly 8pm Eastern.

There are no rules really, except be nice to each other and please no bashing of actors under any circumstances. So we’ll see what happens. I expect that people will pop in and out, or maybe the whole idea will fizzle, or maybe we’ll end up with a core of regular viewer/discussers.


Could it be? Yes, it could.

Something’s coming.

Earlier, Darren tweeted this:

And just recently, the official Elsie Fest Twitter (@ElsieFest) tweeted this:

Something is happening at 9am tomorrow. Unclear if that is Eastern or Pacific time. Either way, I’ll be at work, but I’ll update in all the places when I can.

Thanks to those of you who have supported #LittleOrphanElsie and put her where Darren could see her. Obviously he heard us.


You can buy Little Orphan Elsie stuff here.

43: On Leslie Odom Jr. and all the things

I interview Renee Grassi about her love of Leslie Odom Jr., which stretches all the way back to his time on Smash!

First, the bad news: I CANNOT FIND A VIDEO OF “LET’S START TOMORROW TONIGHT” from Smash. So that’s why it’s not here. If you have a link to one, please let me know in the comments or email me at or tweet me @elsiepod.

Here’s a link to my blog post (from my old blog) about Sam and Tom.

And here’s the one about using Glee for sex ed.

And don’t forget to get Leslie’s book Failing Up!

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  • Ricky from Ann Arbor Tees
  • A fan report from the Todrick Hall tour
  • Rosemary Rodriguez, director of Rise!
  • The writers of the new off-Broadway show Wicked Frozen


32 & 33: Jenna Ushkowitz

I was so pleased to interview Jenna Ushkowitz, my second Elsie Fest alumna. I was dying to know how she wound up singing “Granger Danger” of all things at Elsie Fest 2017.

Jenna spoke generously about that and many other things including growing up on Broadway, being a fan, and of course Glee. We had such a great conversation that I had to divide it into two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

We also talked about some of the things Jenna is working on now, like Hello Again, Epic Fail, and the Concert for America in Hartford (which featured Elsie alums from all three years!)

I made this t-shirt to celebrate Jenna’s love of a certain mega-musical:

And, when we had already talked for an hour, Jenna gave me ten more minutes to ask the Glee questions I’ve always wanted to ask. I can’t thank Jenna enough for her generosity of time and spirit, so I’ll just tell you to go listen to Epic Fail.

Next time on the podcast:

December 4: Starkid Corner

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