Episode 25: Remembering Glee with Joaquin Sedillo

I interview Joaquin Sedillo, the Director of Photography for Glee and Veronica Mars, among other projects.


Joaquin Sedillo

You can hear the episode here: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/25-remembering-glee-with-joaquin-cedilla/

Below are the many scenes from Glee that we discussed, if you’d like to look at them more closely.

I counted, and it’s more like 50 people than 60-100, but still a lot.

Here’s Puppet Kurt’s Tumblr.

Here’s the Glee LEGO artist Joaquin talked about. Update: I’ve been informed that this artist is Marsha from Darren Criss Army, who unfortunately passed away in May. We’re still enjoying your art, Marsha. You made the world a better place, and that’s all any of us can ask for.

And here’s Broadway Bricks.


Kurt Duckmel and Blaine Anderduck by Ducking Up Broadway

You can hear more about Ducking Up Broadway in Episode 3. And I wrote about getting my Klaine ducks here.

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Born This Way

Remember back in Episode 3 when Ducking Up Broadway made me this awesome J. Pierrepont Duck to give away, and I said it looked like Blaine, and it would be cool if they made Kurt and Blaine ducks?


Well, my amazing husband commissioned Kurt and Blaine ducks for my birthday, and they are spectacular. I’m hoping that Ducking Up Broadway will post some pictures later today, since they’re better at photographing their ducks than I am, but for now, my pic will have to suffice.


Look at them! They’re soulmates!

I just can’t even.

Thank you so much to Lauren and Hannah for their amazing artwork. Klaine-as-ducks will live on my desk at work and they will make me happy every day. Look at Blaine’s eyebrows! And you can’t even see the detail on the Dalton insignia in this picture, but it’s perfect. And the plaid–you can’t appreciate the plaid in this picture, but it’s…I’m running out of adjectives.

Go check them out @bwayducks on Twitter and Instagram!

Listen to episode 3 here.

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Episode 3: Just Ducky

Episode 3 is now available, featuring Ducking Up Broadway! I had a lot of fun recording this episode. Lauren and Hannah are hilarious, and I just hope you believe me after I had to cut out all our rambling and gossiping.

Click here to listen.

Best of all, it’s my first giveaway! We’re giving away two ducks, thanks to Lauren and Hannah’s generosity. First is the Darren Criss duck based on his character in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.


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The second duck we are giving away is Alexander Hamilduck, as seen on Javier Munos’s head:


To win Alexander Hamiduck, follow Ducking Up Broadway on Twitter @bwayducks. One winner will be chosen at random on November 18. Lauren, Hannah and I and our immediate families are not eligible to win.

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Note 5/14/17: Prices have gone down since this episode was recorded. Email Ducking Up Broadway (bwayducks@gmail.com) for more information and to place orders.