56: Sounds from Broadwaycon 2019


Listen to my adventures at Broadwaycon 2019! Featuring one-on-one interviews with fans, excerpts from panels, and George Salazar talking about his experience at Elsie Fest. Plus a song from Laura Osnes!

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55: Get ready for Broadwaycon with Mardie Baldo


Mardie and I discuss her upcoming panel at Broadwaycon titled “Broadway is for AnyBODY” as well as what we’re looking forward to at the con. Mardie gives some tips for enjoying the con, as well. And of course we talk about Elsie Fest and all the fun we had there! Mardie’s panel will take place Saturday at 11:15am in the Regent Room. 

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53: Be More Chill


I interview the Music Director and Vocal Arranger from the soon-to-be Broadway show Be More Chill! We talk about what it means to be a Music Director, what it’s been like working on an off-Broadway show that’s also a viral internet hit, and how to get a show ready for a performance at Elsie Fest.



(Cover photo by Maria Baranova courtesy of Be More Chill)


Episode 52: Sounds of Elsie Fest 2018

Welcome to Season Three of Elsie Cast!!!!

Thank you to everyone who subscribes to the podcast and/or the blog, who listened even once, who told a friend about the podcast, and who follows on Twitter or Facebook. And thank you to every one of you who came up and said hi at Elsie Fest. It means so much to know that there is a community of people out there forming around Elsie Fest and that this podcast is even a tiny part of it. Here’s the hug I want to give to all of you:


This episode of the podcast is one of my favorites. You’ll get to hear interviews with Elsie Fest attendees, a bit of the Marie’s Crisis singalong with last episode’s guest Kenney Green, and selections from the concert itself.

I did have some technical issues, so the episode isn’t as long as last year’s, but I hope it gives you a flavor of what it’s like to go to Elsie Fest and a little something to hang onto throughout the long year’s wait until the next Elsie Fest.

You can listen here: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/52-sounds-from-elsie-fest-2018/

In other news, this happened:

Podcast host Rachel Ferat poses with Elsie Fest founder Darren Criss

We’re weird, and we sure are happy about it!

And here are some photos of my guests:

A woman poses with sunglasses, showing a peace sign


A woman poses outside Central Park


A man poses with an Elsie Cast flier



Thanks for listening, and make more art!

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