23: Mardie Baldo, Gleek Goddess

First up: news!

You all know by now that Julie James will be on the podcast July 31st. Well, we already did the interview, and Julie texted Darren for us to get an Elsie update. He was cagey, of course, but he said they have a date and location and they’ll be announcing as soon as the lineup is finalized.

To which my reply is, as always, “Please just give us a date!!!” People want to book flights and hotels and otherwise plan their Septembers. You can release a Save the Date without having the lineup finalized. We, the fans of Elsie Fest, would really like that!

Listen to the episode here: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/23-mardie-baldo-gleek-goddess/


There is a great story behind this picture.

My guest is Mardie Baldo, long time fangirl and enthusiastic Glee/Harry Potter/Darren Criss/Star Kid/Broadway/Computer Games fan. (Also if a Glee alum is in a thing, she probably likes that, too.) Mardie tells me how she got into loving musicals and into fandom, how she discovered Darren, and her beautiful story of meeting Darren a few times and how that helped her husband through his last days.


Mardie with her husband, Jim, and some other guy


Mardie is holding the photo collage she made to remember Jim’s time with Darren.

Then we chat about Mardie’s dream cast for the next Elsie Fest, and wonder who will be the first Glee alum to make it to Elsie.


Mardie Baldo and Todrick Hall

All that, plus my reviews of Matthew McConaghey vs. the Devil and Come From Away.

Coming up on the podcast:

July 31: Julie James

August 13: Joaquin Sedillo, AD for Glee

August 27: Getting Ready for Elsie Fest


Episode 8: Cosplay Expert

I’m so excited to get ready for Broadway Con with cosplay expert (and Broadway Con panelist) Darcy, of Viscountess. You can listen to Episode 8 here.

Darcy wants me to interview Lea Salonga and just ask her about everything–her whole career! I’d be happy to, Darcy!

And best of all, Darcy is giving away this bow:


It’s the Eliza Schuyler bow, made from the same taffeta used for Eliza’s dress in Hamilton. You know, this one:


So you can go about your business, workin’ it like a Schuyler Sister while all the Muggles think you’re just wearing a pretty bow in your hair. You know you want it.

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter @elsiepod and follow Darcy on Instagram (@viscountessKO) or Facebook (Viscountess). (It would be cool if you listened to the ¬†episode, too, but it’s not required.) I’ll randomly choose one follower on Friday, January 27 at around noon. Why yes, that is the first day of Broadway Con, and it is also the day before Darcy’s Broadway Con panel! In fact, I’ll bet if the winner asks really nicely, Darcy would even bring you the bow at Broadway Con and hand it to you personally. (Or she’ll ship it to you, if you’re far away or just can’t make it to the con.)

Obligatory legal mumbo jumbo (I’m not a lawyer): my immediate family and Darcy’s immediate family are not eligible to win. If the winner doesn’t contact me in a reasonable amount of time (judged by me) then I will choose a different winner. Jen and Branch aren’t eligible to win because they just won stuff from me and I want to spread it around a bit. Oh, and if the randomly chosen winner does not appear to be a real person (like if it’s a robot or one of those companies trying to get me to pay them so I can get more Twitter followers) I’m going to choose a different winner. And honestly? If you win and you don’t really want the thing? Like maybe you’re bald? Let me know and I’ll choose another winner. I want this bow to go to someone who will enjoy and appreciate it.

Also, guess what? There’s going to be another give away for my next episode, and if you’re following me, you’re automatically entered to win that, too!

Who’s excited for Broadway Con? Free “Make More Art” sticker for anyone who comes up and says hi! I’m not a vendor or anything, but I’ll be there in my Elsie Cast t-shirt on Saturday. See you then!