63: Andrew Forste on being House Properties at the Sondheim


We have the Elsie Fest date!

My guest Andrew Forste is on the podcast to talk about working backstage at the Stephen Sondheim theater, his child as a musical theater actor, the Elsie alums he’s worked with, and his celebrity sister. 

Stay tuned to the end to hear Matthew Morrison’s Hairspray medley from Elsie Fest 2018. 



62: Glee’s Impact on Society


When my husband told me that two of his students gave a presentation called “The Impact of Glee on Society,” I knew I had to interview them. Our conversation is also a fitting tribute for the sixth anniversary of Cory Monteith’s death. 

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61: 42nd Street Stitches


I talk to Kristen Daniels of 42nd Street Stitches! We nerd out about musicals and stitchery and the whole thing ends with Darren Criss and Nick Jonas singing Brotherhood of Man.

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60: Jason SweetTooth Williams on Be More Chill and Broadway Bounty Hunter


I chat with Jason SweetTooth Williams about his off-Broadway musical Broadway Bounty Hunter, opening this summer, and his Broadway musical Be More Chill, how he got his start in musicals, and what it’s like to wear those tighty-whities in front of 900 people every night.

Cover art used by permission: April “Pinkie” Davis 

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