Episode 49: Coloring Broadway

Andrea Koehler

Andrea Koehler, Chief Coloring Officer, Coloring Broadway

I interview Andrea about her business, Coloring Broadway.

Listen to the episode here: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/49-coloring-broadway/

You can buy designs from Coloring Broadway on Etsy or Amazon.

About half way through the interview, I mention Squigs. If you don’t know who Squigs is, you can listen to his Elsie Cast interview, or check out his website.

We also talked about the name “Elsie Fest,” which comes from the song Cabaret. Here’s Darren Criss singing Cabaret at Elsie Fest 2015.

And Elsie Fest 2016

And Elsie Fest 2017

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Episode 47: Nicholas Barasch

My thoughts on the Tony Awards will be coming up in a blog post soon. This one is about my interview with the amazing Nicholas Barasch.

Rachel and Nicholas Barasch at Broadwaycon

Original caption on this was “future podcast guest Nicholas Barasch.” UPDATED!!!!

You can listen to the episode here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-fv663-929921

Nick mentioned his work on The Backyardigans and I wanted to hear it so I found this video on YouTube and it’s the cutest thing ever. Nick played Austin.

If you want to know why Nick and I are gushing about my cousin Larry, you can hear his Elsie Cast interview. (Also, based on last night’s reaction on Twitter, I will from now on be referring to Tony Award Winner Larry Hochman by my mother’s nickname for him: Cousin Larry the Big Deal.)

We casually talked about our mutual friend Jen. We meant this Jen.

Nick was in the 2012 Roundabout Theater revival of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

We got in a rather long chat about GS (which I edited–you’re welcome). “GS” is Columbia-speak for Columbia School of General Studies. I work at Columbia and the current Dean of General Studies is my former Department Chair, which is why I’m throwing around internal abbreviations like that. I apologize. But GS is an amazing program for all sorts of non-traditional students like Nick or my friend David.

In short, if you get a chance to see Nick in anything, take it! He’s amazing. Below is the performance that first sold me, orchestrated by Cousin Larry the Big Deal:

Next time on the podcast:

June 18: #SaveRise

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41: Stanning Lea Salonga

Listen to episode 42 here. 

Mike Steele strips for Lea Salonga

Mike Steele strips for Lea. *Photo credit: Lea Salonga (presumably)

Here’s Matt Steele’s video that started it all:

Here’s the time Matt met Lea and Telly Leung:

Here’s the time Michael met Lea Salonga:

Matt Steele and Lea Salonga

Matt Steele and Lea Salonga

Here’s the time I met Lea Salonga:

IMG_6002 2

Here’s the times I met Telly Leung:

Find out more about Michael Steele at mikesteeleonline.com

Check out Two Gay Matts on YouTube.

And Matt’s previous series The Doomsday Diaries.

More about Divos! The Movie at www.divosthemovie.com

Here’s the official t-shirt for this episode. It’s the Names of Elsie Fest 2015 shirt:

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Coming up on the podcast:

March 26: The biggest Lea Michele fan (Yes, back-to-back Leas. Fight me.)

TDF wants to get you tickets to a show

Listen to episode 40 here.

My guest this episode is Patrick Keohane,

Patrick Keohane

Patrick Keohane

the TDF Online Presence Manager. Patrick and I talk about all the amazing services TDF provides to the theater community in New York.

If you want more information about TDF, Patrick sent me all these awesome links:

Folks interested in TDF membership can visit: tdf.org/membership

We like to tell folks that almost anyone is eligible, and if they find they don’t fit into a category, it’s likely someone in their household does. Full eligibly info: https://www.tdf.org/nyc/24/Eligibility-Requirements

Folks interested in our accessibility programs (including our Autism Friendly Performances) can visit tdf.org/tap
There’s not a shortcut link to our Costume Collection site but folks can easily find it through tdf.org then by opening “quick menu” drop down. And on social media, simply search for #CostumeCollection and/or #tdfcc for postings.
general info: tdf.org/tkts
real-time listings: tdf.org/tktslive
The episode ends with my recording from Elsie Fest of Norm Lewis singing “What’s Going On?”

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