Todrick Hall and Tiffany

Episode 19: Thespian Nerd

Sometimes I see someone on Twitter (or wherever) and I just think they look like fun to talk to. Tiffany was one of those people. And we had a great time talking about everything from Chris Colfer’s writing to Glee to Broadwaycon and Todrick Hall and Lena Hall and wild speculation about the next Elsie Fest.

You can listen to the episode here:

This is a terrible quality video, but the quote Tiffany refers to is in it. It’s from Inside the Actors Studio:

Here are the Chris Colfer links I promised:

Official site for Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories

Amazon’s list of all of Chris Colfer’s books:

Here’s the pic of Tiffany with Todrick Hall:

Todrick Hall and Tiffany

Tiffany met Todrick Hall at the stage door of Kinky Boots.

The Facebook Live where Darren mentions Elsie Fest is here:

The Elsie Fest comment is at about 34:53 if I’m reading the time thing correctly.


Episode 13: Show Score: The Rotten Tomatoes for theater

So, Episode 13 is out, and you can find it here.

The interview is with Tom Melcher, the CEO of Tom talks about being a


Tom Melcher, CEO of

Whiffenpoof, using data to find the highest rated shows in New York, and how to find the people who can recommend that show you’ll love out of the 150 shows running in New York on any given night.

Tom would like me to interview Pasek & Paul and ask them if they’ve ever written a song that didn’t sound “like them.” I think that would lead to a very interesting conversation.

And, while I was editing the podcast, I checked my email and found a message from Glee‘s Curt


Curt Mega, host of Story Matters

Mega. Curt has a terrific podcast called Story Matters, and I had written him a letter after listening to some of his episodes. Curt read my letter on his podcast and gave a shout-out to the podcast. He also said he’d love to come on Elsie Cast, so I’m hoping we can make that happen.

In two weeks, we’re going to have a giveaway, so be sure to come back for Episode 14 on April 10th.


Episode 12: Accessibility

My reviews of Puffs, Significant Other, and Computer Games, plus an interview with Leah Diaz from TDF about their Accessibility Program. I learned a lot about how to think about people with disabilities in the theater. I hope you like it.

Listen to the episode here.

We last talked about TDF in Episode 4: Broadway Bargains.

Episode 8: Cosplay Expert

I’m so excited to get ready for Broadway Con with cosplay expert (and Broadway Con panelist) Darcy, of Viscountess. You can listen to Episode 8 here.

Darcy wants me to interview Lea Salonga and just ask her about everything–her whole career! I’d be happy to, Darcy!

And best of all, Darcy is giving away this bow:


It’s the Eliza Schuyler bow, made from the same taffeta used for Eliza’s dress in Hamilton. You know, this one:


So you can go about your business, workin’ it like a Schuyler Sister while all the Muggles think you’re just wearing a pretty bow in your hair. You know you want it.

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter @elsiepod and follow Darcy on Instagram (@viscountessKO) or Facebook (Viscountess). (It would be cool if you listened to the  episode, too, but it’s not required.) I’ll randomly choose one follower on Friday, January 27 at around noon. Why yes, that is the first day of Broadway Con, and it is also the day before Darcy’s Broadway Con panel! In fact, I’ll bet if the winner asks really nicely, Darcy would even bring you the bow at Broadway Con and hand it to you personally. (Or she’ll ship it to you, if you’re far away or just can’t make it to the con.)

Obligatory legal mumbo jumbo (I’m not a lawyer): my immediate family and Darcy’s immediate family are not eligible to win. If the winner doesn’t contact me in a reasonable amount of time (judged by me) then I will choose a different winner. Jen and Branch aren’t eligible to win because they just won stuff from me and I want to spread it around a bit. Oh, and if the randomly chosen winner does not appear to be a real person (like if it’s a robot or one of those companies trying to get me to pay them so I can get more Twitter followers) I’m going to choose a different winner. And honestly? If you win and you don’t really want the thing? Like maybe you’re bald? Let me know and I’ll choose another winner. I want this bow to go to someone who will enjoy and appreciate it.

Also, guess what? There’s going to be another give away for my next episode, and if you’re following me, you’re automatically entered to win that, too!

Who’s excited for Broadway Con? Free “Make More Art” sticker for anyone who comes up and says hi! I’m not a vendor or anything, but I’ll be there in my Elsie Cast t-shirt on Saturday. See you then!