A Plea and An Alliance

Those of you who only follow the blog may not be aware that I’m currently doing an Indiegogo. And there’s a giveaway going on for a few more hours!

If you give any amount before midnight tonight (February 20th) you will be entered to win this Laura Osnes/Jeremy Jordan autograph package.


Watch this video for more information about the giveaway.

Then click here to contribute to the campaign. 

52941740_10157262790788120_5091969568071483392_nIn other news, today I became an official member of the Broadway Makers Alliance.The Broadway Makers Alliance is an organization of creatives who’ve taken a passion for Broadway and created high-quality products and services for the Broadway and theatre community. The Broadway Makers Alliance has created an online marketplace for their members to help the theatre-loving consumer find Broadway related products and services in a one-stop shop. They are also dedicated to the development of their “makers”, providing leadership, networking and resources.

I’m really excited to join friends of the podcast Broadway Up Close, Coloring Broadway, Dr. Drama and Laura Heywood, among other great creators who live to Make More Art about Broadway. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you more makers as guests on the podcast and more giveaways in the future.
All of this does require funding, though, so please, if you can, give $5 to the Indiegogo so I can keep this project going. We’re 94% of the way to the goal, and as soon as I make my goal I’ll start doing free giveaways again.
But NOW is your last chance to get in on the autograph giveaway above.

Elsie Fest FAQ–2018 Edition

Hi! I’m doing this again because a lot of people thanked me for it last year. Let me know if you have more questions. Please keep in mind that I’m just a fan. I have no inside information, but I do pay attention. When in doubt, get official information from the source:


official twitter: @elsiefest

 Facebook event page

1. When is Elsie Fest this year?

October 7, 2018. Doors will open at 5pm, and the concert will start at 6pm.

2. Where is Elsie Fest this year?

Summerstage, Central Park, New York City

3. Where do I buy tickets?

Buy tickets via the website at www.elsiefest.com.

4. How much will tickets cost me?

General Admission is $59.99 + $16.70 fees = $76.69

Bleacher Pass is $84.99 + $23.15 fees = $108.14  As of September 28, it looks like bleacher seats may have sold out. I’m trying to get confirmation on this. 

5. Are there seats at the venue?

There are some. Summerstage is primarily a lawn seating venue, which means everybody brings a blanket and finds a seat on the ground. There are bleachers, but they are in the back of the venue. There are no assigned seats at Elsie Fest this year. A Bleacher pass allows you to enter the bleacher section and guarantees you a seat. It’s open seating.

Here’s a Google Street View of the venue.

I have arthritis/use a wheelchair/just can’t sit on the ground. What do I do?

I wish I had a good answer here. My best advice is to ask for what you need. Reach out to Elsie Fest and Summerstage and say that you need a seat (or a place you can see from your wheelchair) (or whatever accommodation you may need) and ask what they will do to accommodate you. Under the ADA, they have to accommodate you if you have a medical need.*

You can reach out to Elsie Fest at info@elsiefest.com.

I’m told you can also get info by reaching out to Summerstage directly. @SummerStage on Twitter or info@cityparksfoundation.org.

Last year, there was an ADA section which I’m told had an excellent view from a wheelchair. I imagine the same will be done this year.

6. Will there be VIP?

There is no VIP seating.

Meet & Greet photos only will be available for Darren Criss, Jodi Benson, Casey Cott, and Matthew Morrison. Cost is $150 each. Passes are on sale as of Friday, September 28th. Darren Criss sold out in under 1 minute this year.

-Photo with You and your selected performer at Elsie Fest
-Commemorative Meet & Greet Laminate
-Pre-show early entrance to the Festival
-An exclusive VIP Poster

Please keep in mind:

  • This is an upgrade. You must already have a ticket to Elsie Fest to use it. The price does not include admission.
  • You will need to be at the venue no later than 2:30pm. Meet & Greet is scheduled for 3-5pm.

7. Who will be performing?

Announced performers are:

Sutton Foster, Joshua Henry, Alex Newell

Special Guests: Rufus Wainwright, Jodi Benson, Grant Gustin, Matthew Morrison, Casey Cott, Anna and the Apocalypse, Be More Chill, The Prom

More guests TBA!

8. What about Marie’s Crisis?

They will be there. It wouldn’t be Elsie Fest without a singalong!

9. Will I be able to meet Darren Criss at Elsie Fest?

Probably not. Meet and greet sold out in one minute flat. Last year, they did not permit people to wait after the show to see the performers.

10. Can I bring a dog to Elsie Fest?

Sadly, no.

11. Is Elsie Fest going to sell out?

It might. But I doubt it.

12. When will additional guests be announced?

You never know. While I have no way of knowing who has been invited or what kind of negotiations are going on behind the scenes, they have made it clear that Darren is the person who arranges the talent at Elsie Fest. He’s a busy guy. We never know what he’s up to.

There will be more guests. Some will be announced before Elsie Fest, others will be surprise guests (if the past two years are a guide.) Buy tickets based on what’s announced, don’t get your hopes up, and enjoy watching it unfold.

13. I have nobody to sit with at Elsie Fest. May I sit with you?

Of course! Look for the yellow blankets. I’ll be sitting on these and also wearing my yellow Elsie Cast t-shirt, so I should be easy to find.


I’ll be passing out stickers and trying to interview as many fans as I can during the day. I’ll also be getting contact info for people who have good Elsie Fest stories and want to do a full episode interview. And all strays are welcome to hang out with us.

14. I wish there was a way to get familiar with the music of all of these artists before Elsie Fest.

I made a Spotify playlist for this purpose, and I’m happy to share. You can find it here.

15. I was hoping to take pictures/video at Elsie Fest, but the website for Summerstage says no cameras are allowed! What do I do?

The official policy says “Professional gear including video cameras or cameras with lens 100mm and over are not permitted.” Your phone or digital camera should be fine. They don’t want people taking professional-quality photos so that they can keep control of publicity.

16. Can I bring food and/or a water bottle?

Yes, but no coolers or alcohol. Beer, wine, soft drinks, and food are sold within the venue. There is also a water fountain to refill your water bottle. It’s located in the corner of the venue to the right of the stage (house right).

17. How do I get to Summerstage?

Summerstage is in Central Park at East 72nd Street. The closest subway is the 6 train at 68th street, or you can take the C train to 72nd Street on the West Side and walk across the park. Here’s a handy guide from TripSavvy that’s for the free concerts, but a lot of the info applies also to Elsie Fest.

18. What time should I get there?

Darren Criss fans are crazy. Lots of them like to stand around all day just to listen to soundcheck. Others are obsessed with being first into the venue. These people will line up early, and I do mean EARLY. Last year, the first tweet I saw from someone on line was at about 9am. If being up front is important to you, I would either buy a meet & greet or get there by 10:30am or so at the latest.

Since meet & greet happens before the event, buying a M&G ticket is a way to get into the venue a bit early. M&G ticket holders need to be at the venue no later than 2:30pm.

19. I’m looking for someone to travel/sit/swap tickets/share a hotel room with. How can I find someone? 

Check out www.elsiedate.com! It’s a new, fan-run service for fans of musical theater where you can meet new friends, sell tickets (at cost–no scalping!), or even find an actual date, if you want to.

*I’m sure I don’t have to say this, because Elsie Fest fans are awesome, but please don’t abuse this. People with disabilities actually need accommodations, and I want to live in a world where they get them with minimal fuss. When people abuse these policies, everyone’s life gets worse. So advocate for yourself if you need it, and everyone else, just sit on the damn ground or don’t come.


Last update Friday, September 28at 9:24pm EDT

Could it be? Yes, it could.

Something’s coming.

Earlier, Darren tweeted this:

And just recently, the official Elsie Fest Twitter (@ElsieFest) tweeted this:

Something is happening at 9am tomorrow. Unclear if that is Eastern or Pacific time. Either way, I’ll be at work, but I’ll update in all the places when I can.

Thanks to those of you who have supported #LittleOrphanElsie and put her where Darren could see her. Obviously he heard us.


You can buy Little Orphan Elsie stuff here.

Plans for Elsie Cast

I promised two weeks ago that I’d let you know my plans for Elsie Cast after my vacation, and I (unlike some people who will remain nameless) believe in communication, so here is the promised update.


Vacation selfie with my dog

To recap the issues I was considering:

  1. I just got a new job that is busier and more emotionally satisfying than my previous job.
  2. I was feeling an enormous amount of pressure (mostly self-imposed) from trying to promote Elsie Fest when its producers are not forthcoming with information.
  3. Given the limitations on my time and creativity, I needed to go away to reassess this project as a whole and determine what parts of it I want to continue and what changes need to be made.

Here’s what I have decided. The elements I love about this project are:

  1. Making Broadway friends on the internet and at events.
  2. Doing giveaways, especially of stuff I’ll likely throw away that other people really value (like Playbills, or giveaway items from Broadwaycon).
  3. Doing the interviews.

The parts I hate are:

  1. Scheduling interviews
  2. Defending Elsie Fest’s business practices.
  3. The pressure to be on top of the “news” about Elsie Fest.

So my plan is to basically keep doing Twitter and to some extent, Facebook. I will continue doing giveaways as the mood strikes me. I will honor the pool for the Elsie Fest announcement if anyone wins. I will also try to update this blog more often, because I’ve always enjoyed writing. The podcast, however, will happen when it happens. If I have an opportunity to interview someone interesting, I will take it. But I just can’t keep to a schedule right now. Hopefully, this will work out to more or less monthly, but we’ll see what happens.

In other areas, I will keep designing and selling t-shirts. I’ve also gone back to writing Glee fanfic lately, which you can find on AO3 under the name PaellaIsComplicated.

I will definitely be at Broadwaycon 2019 and I look forward to seeing some of you there. I will be tweeting news about Elsie Fest as it comes, but I don’t commit to getting to it first. I’ve got other priorities. And I will not apologize for Elsie Fest and their lack of communication. They absolutely should be communicating with their audience year-round and this is no way to run a business. I have no idea what they are thinking and I’m done trying to figure it out.

Thank you all for your support, whether it’s listening, following, commenting, buying merch, or helping me out, I appreciate all of it. The friendships I’ve made and the knowledge that I actually helped people get to and enjoy Elsie Fest last year are the absolute highlights of this project.