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Blaine Theories

On this week’s episode, I launched a new podcast game called “Blaine Theories.” You may


What’s up with that watch?

recall that in the Pilot, I said one of the reasons I made this podcast was my desire to someday ask Darren Criss why Blaine wears his watch on his right wrist. I still want to know (does anybody know?)

But I have other questions about Blaine. Questions that are fun to talk about. So I made up this game and decided I’d play it with the next Gleek who came on the show.

The game goes like this. I have a list of multiple-choice questions about Blaine Anderson from Glee. The questions come from my head. The answers come from fan fiction. I read the question and answers, and my guest has to choose the answer she likes best, and defend her answer from canon.

The questions in this first edition of Blaine Theories were

Who is Blaine’s (secret) best friend?

  1. Sam
  2. Tina
  3. Santana
  4. Nick
  5. Wes

Where did Blaine live before he enrolled at Dalton Academy?

  1. New Jersey
  2. Westerville, OH
  3. Lima, OH
  4. Cleveland, OH

Blaine dated Karofsky because:

  1. He fell for David while he was emotionally vulnerable.
  2. Both of them love Kurt.
  3. He knew it would hurt Kurt.
  4. He really does like bears.

Tiffany and I had a great conversation, and Tiffany said she had fun. I definitely had fun. The question is, did you have fun listening? Do you want to hear more of this? Are there questions you wish I would ask*? Fan fics you think provide excellent answers I haven’t encountered before?

Let me know what you think about this feature. The next opportunity I’ll have to play (unless the guy from Got Your 6 is a secret Gleek, which would be fun) is in July when Mardie Baldo comes on. Mardie is already psyched to play.

*I don’t ask questions about sex, as those can’t be answered from canon, and I doubt I’ll ask anything that gets the fandom totally riled, like “What is Blaine’s ethnicity?” Anything else is pretty much fair game, though I reserve the right to choose or ignore questions for any reason at all.

Coming up on the podcast:

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June 19: Got Your 6

July 3: New York Musical Festival