41: Stanning Lea Salonga

Listen to episode 42 here. 

Mike Steele strips for Lea Salonga

Mike Steele strips for Lea. *Photo credit: Lea Salonga (presumably)

Here’s Matt Steele’s video that started it all:

Here’s the time Matt met Lea and Telly Leung:

Here’s the time Michael met Lea Salonga:

Matt Steele and Lea Salonga

Matt Steele and Lea Salonga

Here’s the time I met Lea Salonga:

IMG_6002 2

Here’s the times I met Telly Leung:

Find out more about Michael Steele at mikesteeleonline.com

Check out Two Gay Matts on YouTube.

And Matt’s previous series The Doomsday Diaries.

More about Divos! The Movie at www.divosthemovie.com

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March 26: The biggest Lea Michele fan (Yes, back-to-back Leas. Fight me.)


TDF wants to get you tickets to a show

Listen to episode 40 here.

My guest this episode is Patrick Keohane,

Patrick Keohane

Patrick Keohane

the TDF Online Presence Manager. Patrick and I talk about all the amazing services TDF provides to the theater community in New York.

If you want more information about TDF, Patrick sent me all these awesome links:

Folks interested in TDF membership can visit: tdf.org/membership

We like to tell folks that almost anyone is eligible, and if they find they don’t fit into a category, it’s likely someone in their household does. Full eligibly info: https://www.tdf.org/nyc/24/Eligibility-Requirements

Folks interested in our accessibility programs (including our Autism Friendly Performances) can visit tdf.org/tap
There’s not a shortcut link to our Costume Collection site but folks can easily find it through tdf.org then by opening “quick menu” drop down. And on social media, simply search for #CostumeCollection and/or #tdfcc for postings.
general info: tdf.org/tkts
real-time listings: tdf.org/tktslive
The episode ends with my recording from Elsie Fest of Norm Lewis singing “What’s Going On?”

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Official Broadwaycon Photos

If you want to hear the Sounds of Broadwaycon episode, you can do that here, or scroll down to the next post. I promised to post my official photos, though, so here you go.

Liz Callaway Bwaycon 2018

Elsie 2016 alum Liz Callaway


Donna Lynne Champlin

Anthony Rapp Bwaycon 2018

Anthony Rapp and some guy wearing a cool shirt.

Anthony Rosenthal Brodwaycon 2018

Anthony Rosenthal

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38: Sounds from the Homework Release Party

Hear the sounds from my Trusty Correspondent Heidi’s trip to LA for the Homework Release Party.

Heidi with Darren Criss

Heidi with some guy she met in an alley.

Hear the episode here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ibjdi-84fbc5

Here’s the Computer Games set from Wednesday, December 13:

And here’s the live stream from the Homework show:

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Coming Monday, February 12: Sounds of Broadwaycon