34: StarKid Corner

I had such a good time talking to Lou from StarKid Corner. We’re best mates now. You can listen to the episode here: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/34-starkid-corner/


Here’s Lou. Isn’t she cheeky?

Here’s the official t-shirt of this episode. Lou used to have a vlog called StarKid Pity Party.


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December 18: Broadwaycon

January 1: Pets of Broadway

January 15: Dr. Drama on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


32 & 33: Jenna Ushkowitz

I was so pleased to interview Jenna Ushkowitz, my second Elsie Fest alumna. I was dying to know how she wound up singing “Granger Danger” of all things at Elsie Fest 2017.

Jenna spoke generously about that and many other things including growing up on Broadway, being a fan, and of course Glee. We had such a great conversation that I had to divide it into two parts.

Part 1: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/32-jenna-ushkowitz-part-i/

Part 2: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/33-jenna-ushkowitz-part-ii/

We also talked about some of the things Jenna is working on now, like Hello Again, Epic Fail, and the Concert for America in Hartford (which featured Elsie alums from all three years!)

I made this t-shirt to celebrate Jenna’s love of a certain mega-musical:

And, when we had already talked for an hour, Jenna gave me ten more minutes to ask the Glee questions I’ve always wanted to ask. I can’t thank Jenna enough for her generosity of time and spirit, so I’ll just tell you to go listen to Epic Fail.

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December 4: Starkid Corner

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31: Jeremy-Jordan.com by day, Waitress usher by night

I interviewed the amazing Jennifer Lyn, friend and webmaster to Jeremy Jordan and also an usher at Waitress. We had SO MUCH FUN talking.

Check out the episode here: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/31-jeremy-jordancom-by-day-waitress-usher-by-night/

Jennifer sent me the picture from the first time she met Jeremy, and also a more recent picture of the two of them.


Many moons ago.


Today (roughly)

See how the babies have grown into debonair grown-ups? Yeah, whatever. Anyway, check out all the fun at Jeremy-Jordan.com and follow them on Twitter at @jeremyjordancom. (You can follow Jeremy himself at @JeremyMJordan.)

The official t-shirt of this episode has become the most popular item in my shop. Check it out here:

Even Jeremy likes it:


And here, just for fun, is another look at me and Jeremy at Elsie Fest. Because me and Jeremy at Elsie Fest.


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November 20: Jenna Ushkowitz

December 4: StarKid Corner

December 18: Pets of Broadway


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November 6: jeremy-jordan.com

November 20: Elsie alum Jenna Ushkowitz