Todrick Hall and Tiffany

Episode 19: Thespian Nerd

Sometimes I see someone on Twitter (or wherever) and I just think they look like fun to talk to. Tiffany was one of those people. And we had a great time talking about everything from Chris Colfer’s writing to Glee to Broadwaycon and Todrick Hall and Lena Hall and wild speculation about the next Elsie Fest.

You can listen to the episode here:

This is a terrible quality video, but the quote Tiffany refers to is in it. It’s from Inside the Actors Studio:

Here are the Chris Colfer links I promised:

Official site for Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories

Amazon’s list of all of Chris Colfer’s books:

Here’s the pic of Tiffany with Todrick Hall:

Todrick Hall and Tiffany

Tiffany met Todrick Hall at the stage door of Kinky Boots.

The Facebook Live where Darren mentions Elsie Fest is here:

The Elsie Fest comment is at about 34:53 if I’m reading the time thing correctly.


Episode 6: Broadway Masters

In Episode 6, I talk to Marcus Lovingood, Producer of Broadway Masters and founder of Lovingood Studios, about his new series of master classes available online.

Listen to Episode 6 here.

Marcus tells about some of the masters, including Elsie alums Laura Osnes and Linsday Mendez, and some of the tips and tricks you can learn from Broadway Masters that you would otherwise have to get from life experience. And he offers a discount code only for listeners!

And I talk about the birth of The Sticker Fairy! If you would like to become a Sticker Fairy, email me: and I’ll hook you up.

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