Episode 21: Got Your 6 on Bandstand’s portrayal of veterans

If you saw Bandstand‘s performance at the Tony Awards, then you know about the relationship between Got Your 6 and Bandstand.

When I read about Got Your 6 in Playbill, I wanted to know more. So I interviewed Matt Mabe, the Director of Operations at Got Your 6 about the organization, how they got

Matt at Bandstand

My guest has seen Bandstand three times! I am jealous.

involved with Bandstand, and what it’s like working on a Broadway show when you weren’t previously a Broadway fan. (He is now. Corey Cott and Laura Osnes will do that to a person.)

You can hear the interview here: https://elsiecast.podbean.com/e/21-got-your-six-on-bandstands-portrayal-of-veterans/

Donate to Band Together here: http://bandstandbroadway.com/bandtogether/

Coming up on the podcast:

July 3: New York Musical Festival

July 17: Mardie Baldo, Gleek Goddess

July 31: Julie James or Dean O’Carroll


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