Episode 17: Curt Mega Warbler Extravaganza Part 2

Catch up on Part 1 here.

Then listen to Part 2 here, in which Curt Mega and I discuss the filming of “Love, Love, Love,”

Working on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 

and his big Elsie Fest questions: He’d like me to interview Aaron Tveit and you’ll never guess what he wants me to ask Darren Criss!

Plus, my review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Plus, my Warbler giveaway continues this week. Drawing Friday, 5/19 at about noon EDT. Enter to win a signed Playbill from In Transit by tweeting to @Elsiepod using the hashtag #ElsieTransit.

Autographs are:

Telly Leung, Amy Justman, Brad Standley, Dave Abeles, Moya Angela, Gerrianne Perez, Chesney Snow, Nicholas Ward, Mariand Torres

Coming up on the podcast:

May 22: Broadway Babylon

May 29: Thespian Nerd

June 5: Tony Award-winning Orchestrator Larry Hochman



  1. hi im sorry but why, everytime during your intro you speak in hushed tones? I can’t hear you and have to raise the volume on my phone but then during the actual interview your voice becomes a bit too high pitched which causes me to reduce the volume. Please look into this I really enjoy your podcast and I hope for some improvement the next time


  2. Thanks for the feedback! I’m working on this. It’s a combination of my natural cadence–I get louder when I’m excited, and it’s more exciting to talk to people than it is to make announcements–and learning to use the software and microphones. I think the new mic will help with this once I learn how to use it properly (sorry about the intro to Episode 18 being in only one ear. Still figuring that one out.) Also, I record the interviews usually a week or so before I record the intro/outro, so in the case of this episode, I got the new mic in between and I was dealing with completely different tech.

    Bottom line: I will work on this, and thank you for bearing with me during the learning process!



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