Episode 13: Show Score: The Rotten Tomatoes for theater

So, Episode 13 is out, and you can find it here.

The interview is with Tom Melcher, the CEO of Show-Score.com. Tom talks about being a


Tom Melcher, CEO of Show-Score.com

Whiffenpoof, using data to find the highest rated shows in New York, and how to find the people who can recommend that show you’ll love out of the 150 shows running in New York on any given night.

Tom would like me to interview Pasek & Paul and ask them if they’ve ever written a song that didn’t sound “like them.” I think that would lead to a very interesting conversation.

And, while I was editing the podcast, I checked my email and found a message from Glee‘s Curt


Curt Mega, host of Story Matters

Mega. Curt has a terrific podcast called Story Matters, and I had written him a letter after listening to some of his episodes. Curt read my letter on his podcast and gave a shout-out to the podcast. He also said he’d love to come on Elsie Cast, so I’m hoping we can make that happen.

In two weeks, we’re going to have a giveaway, so be sure to come back for Episode 14 on April 10th.



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