Bonus Episode: Ham 4 Foster Care

On Friday morning, I noticed a tweet from Lea Salonga.

I happened to be home for a school conference, so I clicked on the video. It was great. And it was imploring Ellen DeGeneres to honor foster moms, which is a cause dear to my own heart. And dear to Eliza Hamilton‘s, too.

So I reached out to the ladies who made it and made you this little bonus episode. Please do what you can to help.

  1. Check out Kaley’s blog here.
  2. Check out Lauren’s video here:

3. Follow Lauren on Twitter @callmeleggs

4. Listen to the bonus episode here. (Live as of 3/20/17). Share this episode far and wide. Share Lauren’s video far and wide. Tag @TheEllenShow and @Lin_Manuel.

5. Kaley’s blog post about how to get involved with foster care is here.

And if you’ve got something to say about foster care, Make More Art!


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