The Winners

It’s time! Here are the results of the giveaway with Ducking Up Broadway:

The winner of J. Pierrepont Duck is….



Congratulations, Jen! Jen has already reached out to me and claimed her prize, which will be shipped to her presently.

The winner of Alexander Hamilduck is:



You have until midnight EST to claim your prize by sending a DM (on Twitter) or an email to Ducking Up Broadway. If we do not hear from you by midnight, we will choose another winner.

Update Sunday, 11/20/16, 2:16pm: This prize was not claimed in a timely fashion. Therefore, a new winner has been selected.  please reach out to me or Ducking Up Broadway right away to claim Alexander Hamilduck. 

Thanks to everyone for the new follows. I hope you’re enjoying my tweets with news from Elsie alums. Tell your friends who enjoy Broadway to follow me @ElsiePod.

My new episode will come out on Monday. It’s going to have some great tips on seeing Broadway shows at a discount. Don’t miss it!


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